The Hawaiian monk seal is a species in crisis. There are currently fewer than 1,100 seals remaining and their numbers continue to decline by 4% per year. The challenges they face are numerous including shark predation, human disturbance and habituation, fishery interactions, habitat loss, entanglement in marine debris, infectious disease, and even intentional killings. If the current population trends aren’t reversed, the population is expected to slip below 1,000 within the next few years.

Despite the many obstacles, there is hope. With focused protection and conservation efforts, the monk seal can be saved. Your support is urgently needed to help build the teams and programs that will save this very special species from extinction. Won’t you consider making a financial contribution or a commitment of time to ensure that the Hawaiian monk seal is preserved for generations to come.

Responsible Viewing
While it's natural to get excited when you encounter a Hawaiian monk seal in the wild, it's important that you observe them responsibly. Keep a safe distance for your safety and their protection. The general guideline is to remain approximately 150 feet (50 yards) away. You can learn more by reading our Responsible Viewing Guidelines.

Adopt a seal
Whether it's for yourself or as a gift for someone special, symbolically adopting a Hawaiian monk seal is a great way to learn more about them while also helping to support the Monk Seal Foundation's efforts to preserve one of Hawaii's greatest treasures.

Stay Connected
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Pu'uhonua Initiative
Critical injuries or other environmental factors sometimes leave a seal non-releasable meaning that it cannot be returned to the wild. These animals need a safe and secure home so lethal options need never be considered. We need your help to establish a new dedicated Hawaiian monk seal facility and education program. Help us create a Monk Seal Pu`uhonua.


Are you ready to get involved as a volunteer? Whether you volunteer for an hour or make a commitment over many months, you can play an important part in Hawaiian monk seal recovery. To get started, we need to know a little more about you. Select the island where you wish to volunteer (Maui, Molokai, Oahu), complete our brief questionnaire, and we will contact you to discuss the opportunities available that best match your skills and interests. Mahalo nui loa!